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Guardian Warm Roof - Ely, Cambridgeshire

Posted by Clare Whitehall on Apr 18, 2023

Projects4Roofing had a busy month in March. Numerous conservatories were renovated, and several homes received brand-new conservatories to enjoy all year long.

The Smith family was one of these homes. In Ely, Cambridgeshire, our skilled team  changed their polycarbonate conservatory's roof for a solid, insulated conservatory. A Guardian Warm roof was installed to replace their previous structure. As it turns out, they were just as pleased with the outcome as we were! When we had completed the project, they said the following

"Projects4Roofing replaced the old polycarbonate roof on our Lean to conservatory in Ely, Cambridgeshire, in the process converting it to an Edwardian style with a vaulted ceiling. A very good service was provided by all concerned. It was an excellent job, well done."

As we frequently state, if the families we assist are pleased, then we are as well! Projects4Roofing cherished making a difference in families' quality of life and free time.

The Smith family can now enjoy these things thanks to their new solid roof conservatory:

  • A year-round conservatory that is welcoming to guests and families
  • An effective, long-term solution to the most frequent conservatory issues
  • Lower costs for energy and heating
  • Less noise from outside
  • Eliminates leaks, condensation, and mould
  • Possibility of a conservatory with an open floor plan

Would you want to watch the transformation of their conservatory? Scroll down!

Initial conservatory with a polycarbonate roof

Initial conservatory with a polycarbonate roof


Converted conservatory with a solid, insulated roof

Converted Edwardian conservatory with a solid roof


As you can see, renovating your conservatory and installing a Guardian Warm roof benefits your entire home as well as your conservatory.

Replace your conservatory roof if you want to enjoy your insulated space and spend quality time with your family without being concerned about the weather outside. For at least 30 years, a sturdy, insulated roof will ensure that your conservatory will be of high quality.

Reach out to Projects4Roofing, and we'll get to work on transforming your conservatory right away!

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